American Society of Plumbing Engineers Washington DC Chapter

1968 - 1985

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers was organized in Los Angeles, California in 1964. Members from other areas were not accepted at that time. In 1966, the Society began recruiting "members-at-large". This was the forerunner of the local chapters.

A meeting of members-at-large from the Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA areas was held in Richmond in August, 1968. The purpose of the meeting was for the Society's Administrative Director to explain the organization of local chapters. The following month, members-at-large and other interested persons met at the Washington Gas Light building in Springfield, VA. This was the first meeting of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers. At this meeting there were seven members-at-large present who became the interim officers of the chapter. They were:

   President -  Norman Shrank
   1st Vice President -  Robert Manfredi
   2nd Vice President -  George Runkle
   3rd Vice President -  Henry Paul Wheeler
   Administrative Secretary -  Paul Niemiec
   Correspondence Secretary -  Armand Laroque
   Treasurer -  Walter Richardson

At the December, 1968 meeting the first chapter elections were held and all the interim officers became elected officers. The monthly chapter newsletter first appeared under the "ASPENEWS" heading in January of 1969.

The new chapter met monthly at various places in the Washington area until March 12, 1969 when it not only found a home, but was also presented its charter. There were twenty charter members of the chapter. The home for the general meetings was the S&W Cafeteria in Rockville, MD. The meetings were held there until February, 1974 when the cafeteria closed its doors for good. During that time the chapter grew steadily. Not only did the general meetings provide informative topics in plumbing engineering design, but in September, 1971 the chapter sponsored and provided lecturers for a plumbing design course at Prince George's Community College. In April, 1973 the first "mini-convention" was held. This was the forerunner of what is now called the Product Show. And it was in October, 1973 that members began receiving the first issues of Plumbing Engineering magazine.

With the close of the S&W Cafeteria in February, 1974, the chapter began searching for a permanent place to hold its general meetings. Meetings were held at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad meeting room, Temple Israel in Silver Spring, MD and at the National Bureau of Standards in Gaithersburg, MD, where in April 1974 a joint meeting was held with the newly formed Baltimore chapter. It was also during this period that the chapter's first Roster Book was produced. This occurred in June, 1974.

In November of 1975 the chapter began meeting at the Chesapeake Seafood House in Bethesda, MD and continued holding the general meetings there until June, 1977. September 1977 began the Virginia Era for the chapter, with the meetings held at the Alexandria Holiday Inn. It had been planned to alternate meetings between Maryland and Virginia locations but this never came to be. The "min-convention" evolved into the "plumbing exposition" which was held in December, 1977 at the Ramada Inn at Tysons Corner, VA. This well planned show, with its many product displays, open bar, door prizes and hourly raffles, was a huge success and became the example for future "product shows".

In February, 1978 meetings were switched from the Alexandria Holiday Inn to the Tysons Corner Holiday Inn, which proved much more convenient to those members coming from Maryland. The "plumbing exposition" was instituted as an every other year event to alternate years with the Society's convention, with the profits from the exposition used to help defray the expenses of the chapter delegates chosen to go to the convention. The exposition was held at the Tysons Holiday Inn in January 1980 and had everything but people, thanks to an unexpected snow storm. It was readily agreed that future shows would not be held in the winter. May, 1980 saw the last general meeting at the Tysons Holiday Inn and also saw a proposal to change the name of the chapter to "Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Chapter" defeated by the chapter's board of directors.

The move from the Tysons Holiday Inn was a short one to J.R.'s Stockyard Inn, also in Tysons Corner, VA in September 1980. It was in the fall of 1980 that advertising began to appear in ASPENEWS, and has grown steadily since then. The first Holiday Social and Awards night began in December 1980. Learning from the past, the "4th Product Show" was held in March, 1982 at the Westpark Hotel and many of those displaying said it was better than many national shows they had attended.

In September of 1983 the Directory Book was issued in a completely new 3 ring binder format, and the meeting place was changed once more to the Evans Farm Inn in McLean, Virginia. The first CIPE test in October, 1983 was passed by 15 Chapter members. Notable Chapter events in 1984 included a bigger and better 5th Product Show with 46 exhibitors displaying to 456 visitors. Another highlight was the Chapter receiving the Chapter Award of Merit for 1983-1984 at the National Society Convention in Chicago in November 1984.

The Chapter has grown in numbers and influence during the past sixteen years. There are presently 168 members. The chapter provides a member to serve on the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Plumbing Board, and provided members for the District of Columbia Plumbing Code Revision Committee.

This, as a history, must concern itself with what has been. What is added to this, is in the hands of today's and tomorrow=s members.

Robert Townsend

March 1985

1985 - 1986

In September of 1985 the Chapter established an education program consisting of two plumbing systems design courses and a CIPE review course. This program was an immediate success and is being expanded to include a fire protection system design class and a plumbing drafting course.

The 6th Biennial Product Show was held in March of 1986 and was a tremendous success with 50 exhibitors and over 500 visitors. We had a theme for this Product Show; "Water...Works", and devised a logo to carry this theme which was very well received.

The meeting place continued at Evans Farm Inn until September of 1986 when the location once again moved back to Maryland at Bish Thompson's in Bethesda. Our membership continues to be strong and active. We have a member currently working with the WSSC Plumbing Code Revision Committee.

Thomas Yates

October 1986

1987 - 1994

In December of 1986 the Annual Awards Social was held at Bish Thompsons in Bethesda. After dinner we had a bus tour of Washington which was well received.

In March of 1987 Washington, D.C. adopted the 1984 BOCA Code. Our chapter continued to work closely with the local code review committees.

In November of 1987 we had 197 members and started the AAdopt a Designer@ program proposed by Bill Krehbiel. The 1987 Annual Awards Social was held at the Ramada Inn, Tysons Corner.

In March of 1988 we held our 7th Biennial Product Show at the Westpark Hotel. The theme was Plumbing - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow@. The chairperson was Mimi Greenawalt and it was a tremendous success with over 600 people attending and 40 exhibitors. We ended the 1987-88 year with 208 members.

For the year 1988-89 we continued to meet at Bish Thompsons. The Annual Awards Social was held at Evans Farm Inn in December. In March of 1989 we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Chapter Charter. We were informed by Society that our chapter received the Society Award of Merit for the 1987-88 year. This was award was presented to Libby Bunn at the March meeting.

In May 1989 we held our 1st Annual Golf Outing at Holly Hills Country Club in Frederick, Maryland. The committee was headed up by Dick Whyte and Cleve Vetter. Proceeds from the Golf Outing went to help our chapter host the 1992 Convention and Exposition, in Washington, D.C. The first outing was A Soggy but Successful@ with 80 golfers braving the rain.

In the year 1989-90 the General Meetings moved back to Virginia, at the Holiday Inn, Tysons Corner. A new format for the meetings was established with a one hour technical session at 5:00 PM, followed by the social hour and then dinner.

In December of 1989 our membership reached a high of 222. In another break of tradition, the Annual Awards Social was held in February at the Villa Rosa Restaurant. Dancing after dinner made this a memorable affair. The 8th Biennial Product Show was held in March at the Westpark Hotel. Bill Krehbiel and Frank Smith headed up the Product Show Committee. The theme was AClean Water - A Finite Resource@. The show was a resounding success with over 500 people attending and 65 exhibits. We were recognized by Society for the month ending March 31, 1990 as one of the Membership Leadership Boards@. In May we had our 2nd Annual Golf Outing at Holly Hills. Dick Whyte, Cleve Vetter, and Warren Brown headed up the planning committee

The General Meetings for the year 1990-91 continued with the same format at the Holiday Inn, Tysons Corner. We sent 7 delegates to the Convention, in Cincinnati, where we received the Chapter Award of Merit. The Annual Awards Social was held in December at the Holiday Inn. In this same year the Commonwealth of Virginia began the process of adopting the 1990 BOCA Codes. Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishing federal requirements with a major impact on building design. The chapter, in cooperation with Northern Virginia Community College, offered the first, of a series of four, Plumbing Engineering courses starting in January 1991. This program was designed to lead to a two year Associates Degree in Plumbing Engineering. The first official committee meeting for hosting the 1992 Convention was held on January 23, 1991. Our 3rd Annual Golf Outing was held in June again at Holly Hills Country Club.

The General Meetings continued at the Tysons Corner Holiday Inn for the year 1991-92. The 9th Biennial Product Show was held in November 1991 due to the 1992 Convention being in town. Leslie Farrell was the chairperson and it was another tremendous success. The Awards Social was held at Evans Farm Inn and live entertainment was provided by Doc Dougherty. The Host Committee worked diligently throughout the year. In June we had our 4th Annual Golf Outing at Holly Hills. We had our first Summer Social at Kings Dominion, and it was well attended.

The 1992-93 year was a very busy one for our chapter. The General Meetings were still being held at the Tysons Holiday Inn. We continued our participation on several code change activities - District of Columbia, WSSC, and the Virginia Plumbing Inspector=s Association. In November we hosted the National ASPE Convention. Our welcoming reception was held at the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill. With the leadership of Frank Murphy, Co-Chairman Libby Bunn, the Host Committee, and Convention Host Cleve Vetter this affair was the talk of the town. This was the culmination of a lot of hard work on the part of many people working on various committees and fund raisers. The Awards Social was held at Evans Farm Inn in December of 1992. Our chapter received a AChairman=s Award@ for our outstanding performance hosting the Convention. We decided to use the funds from the 5th Annual Golf Outing for a new ASPE Scholarship Fund. Sixty seven people attended our 2nd Annual Summer Social at Kings Dominion this Summer. In September of 1993 we had an outing to Camden Yards to see the Orioles play, and were given a guided tour of the facility.

Richard Dant

April 1994

1994 - 1997

In the 1993-94 year our General meetings shifted from Tyson=s Corner to Arlington, at the Ballston Holiday Inn. Adjustments to the General Meeting format continued. Attendance at our meetings improved at our new location. We started off our General Meetings with a four member panel discussion of the ADA. This meeting was attended by 44 people and the discussion was informative and very well received.

The 1993 ASPE National Technical Symposium was held in Atlanta and we sent a delegate to this new ASPE venture. The Annual Awards Social was held at the Evans Farm Inn in McLean this year. Our Tenth Biennial Product Show in March 1994 was held at the Westpark Hotel again. We held our Golf Outing, in support of the Schoonover Scholarship Fund, at Holly Hills Country again.

In September we had 67 people come out to Kings Dominion for our summer social. Fall of 1994 saw our meetings continuing to be held in Arlington at the Ballston Holiday Inn. The National Convention was held at Kansas City. We sent 6 delegates and a large number of members made the trip, in part to the very inexpensive airfare and also the generous support of one of our affiliate members, who flew in dozens of members at her company=s expense.

By the end of 1994 our membership had risen to 181, slowly but surely trying to get back up to 200. On the third of December we held a party to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of our chapter. This function was held at the Sequoia Grill on the Georgetown waterfront. With the Sequoia=s handsome view of the Potomac and Roosevelt Island and its general elegance, the party was very pleasant. It was attended by members and former members we had not seen frequently and also by guests from other chapters as distant as Boston. The total attendance at the celebration was 110.

In May of 1995 our guest speaker at the General Meeting was Dr. Janet Stout, of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Janet gave an extremely convincing presentation on the likely causes of Legionnaire's Disease. This capped off a year of very informative technical sessions. In June we had our Golf Outing at Holly Hills Country Club in a major downpour with the sun coming out as we finally reached the clubhouse.

In August of 1995 we had our largest summer social ever at Kings Dominion, with over 100 people attending. The National Technical Symposium in 1995 was in Cleveland and our chapter was well represented among the many attendees. Our Awards Social was held at the Pooks Hill Marriott in Bethesda. At the Awards Social the chapter awarded its first George Schoonover Memorial Scholarship to Bill Duvall.

In March of 1996 we held our Product Show once again at the Westpark Hotel in Tyson=s Corner. The show was not well attended until the late afternoon. Our plumbing community must have been too overworked to get away from our collective desks. Those who came had a couple of technical training seminars from which to choose. We held the annual Golf Outing at Holly Hills on June 10th.

Our summer social at Kings Dominion was well attended again. In September we relocated our General Meetings to the Fairfax City Holiday Inn. The National Convention was held in Phoenix in October of 1996. Phoenix was pleasant in October (much better than August would have been). We sent six delegates to this convention, as well as a large group of engineers that came out for two days, courtesy of one of our generous affiliate members. Our Awards Social was held in December at the Embassy Suites, in Chevy Chase Pavillion.

March of 1997 saw our membership drop to 162, after the annual purge of members who did not renew their memberships. Efforts to stem the flow and attract new members were redoubled. We all met out at Holly Hills Country Club for our annual Golf Outing on June 9th and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and the wonderful atmosphere of being off work on a Monday. Our summer social was held on September 6th at Kings Dominion and was well attended, as usual.

Ron Payne

May 1998

1997 - 2004


The 1997 Summer Social at King’s Dominion was a big hit with 67 members and families attending and enjoying a day of perfect weather.

With a change in the Chapter officers a decision was made to change the location of the General meetings to the Anchor Inn in Wheaton, Maryland.  A change in format was suggested by the Board of Governors to have a 20 minute technical session follow the social hour.  A 20 minute table top review and a 20 minute fundamentals review followed the technical session, with dinner and the business meeting at the conclusion of the night.

The Annual Awards Social was a departure from the usual as we took a lunch cruise on the Potomac River on the Odyssey.

In March 1998 the Chapter organized a tour of the Blue Plains Sewer Treatment Plant.  The tour was well attended by interested members who had a chance to learn about the filtration process of storm and sanitary disposal systems.

In April our VPL, David Bailey, continued to volunteer his efforts to conduct a training session for all who were interested in taking the CIPE exam.  In May we had a guided tour of the Rock Bottom Brewery, in downtown Bethesda.

The 1998 Chapter Product Show was organized, and chaired, by Tom Yendall and boasted technical sessions taught by Jim Olsztynski, Editor of PM Engineer; Pat Higgins, President of P.J. Higgins and Associates; and Tom Klemens, Editor of Plumbing Engineering.  The Product Show was held at the Tyson’s Corner Westpark hotel on May 13 and generated a good response from the engineering community.

The standing officers of the Board of Director’s were unanimously re-elected to the respective offices at the May meeting.  Chapter President, Donald Keith, announced the appointment of Ron Payne as Chapter Historian.  The Chapter membership stood at 187 members as of May 1998.

On June 6, 1998 the Chapter hosted the Region 1 meeting.  The meeting was attended by the Executive Director of ASPE, Stan Wolfson, and the Region 1 Affiliate Liaison, Don Greenawalt.  On June 8 we held our annual Golf Outing at the Holly Hills Country Club with 64 members and guests supporting the event.                                           

At the 1998 ASPE Convention our Chapter was a recipient of the Chapter Award of Merit by the Society.  We sent 6 delegates to Indianapolis for the Convention and Business Meetings.  The entire group was impressed at the show and the efforts of the host committee.

The Chapter membership was at 185 as of November 1998.  The Chapter Directory Book was updated in fall 1998 and was made available to all members for free and to non-members for a small fee.  March 4, 1999 marked the Chapter’s 30th Anniversary.  The Chapter web site began construction in the spring of 1999 by Donald Keith.

The May 1999 General Meeting featured the election of a new Board of Directors.  David Bailey was elected President after serving three terms as VPL and he was joined by four new officers and two former officers.  The monthly meetings remained at the Anchor Inn in Wheaton.

On June 7, 1999 the Chapter held its annual Golf Outing at the Holly Hills Country Club.  The money raised by the Golf Outing allowed the Chapter to fund two academic scholarships for the upcoming year.  Later in the summer the Chapter had a joint social with the Baltimore Chapter by getting group tickets to a Bowie BaySox game.

In October 1999 several Chapter members traveled up to Philadelphia for the Technical Symposium.  The local Product Show and the technical classes were well worth the trip.

The Chapter celebrated its 30th Anniversary on December 8 with an Awards Banquet at the Evans Farm Inn, in McLean Virginia.  Part of the awards were the presentation of ASPE 30 year pins to Don Carter, William Davis, Robert Manfredi, Mac McQuilkin, Water Richardson, Cleve Vetter, and Dick Whyte.  Donald Keith, representing Society, presented the Chapter with a Certificate of Accomplishment for its 30th Anniversary.  Because the actual date of the anniversary was March 4th, the award was presented to Donald Keith, Chapter President at that time.  Donald pulled off the act of both presenting and receiving with great aplomb.  The fact that the Social was held at the Evans Farm Inn was nostalgic in that this location was a meeting location for the Chapter in the 1980's and was due for complete demolition in a few months (to make way for more houses).

In March 2000 the Chapter held a joint Product Show with Plumbing & Mechanical Professionals of Virginia (PMPVA) at the Fairview Park Marriott.  ASPE’s Chairman for the event was Craig Johnson.

On April 8, 2000 David Bailey again taught a CIPE review class to prepare candidates for the CIPE exam offered at the end of April.  At the May General Meeting the existing Board of Directors was unanimously reelected to another term in office.

The Region 1 meeting was held in Ottawa, Canada and the Chapter was represented by David Bailey and John Puchala.  The Chapter was presented with one of two Chairman’s Awards for the efforts to involve and enroll student members from the University of Maryland’s Fire protection Engineering program.

The Chapter repeated it’s successful social outing to King’s Dominion on June 24th with over 60 members and family enjoying a hot Summer day at the water park and the rides.

On July 17th the Chapter again went out to the Holly Hills Country Club for our Annual Golf Outing.  Chairman Dick Whyte picked a perfect day for the event with temperatures in the 80's and the golf course in peak condition.  84 members and guests enjoyed a great day for golf, even if the scores weren’t “great”.        

The September 2000 General meeting featured a panel of code officials for the technical session and was very well received.  Bill Hines, formerly of Fairfax County, and Tom Buckley, of WSSC, led the panel and fielded many questions from the engineers present.

In October 2000 the chapter sent 6 delegates to the ASPE Convention in Nashville.  The Product Expo was amazing and the Opryland Hotel was a beautiful maze.  Most of the delegates were found in time to make their return trip to Washington.  The technical sessions were, as always, informative and innovative.  One of our affiliate members, Bay Associates, organized a group of engineers and paid for 30 engineers to come out to Nashville to see the Expo and get the benefit of some of the technical classes.  This was not the first Convention trip sponsored by Bay Associates.  Society and the Washington, D.C. Chapter are very grateful for Bay’s continued support for the engineers in Washington, Baltimore and Virginia Beach and we salute them for their efforts.  The Washington, D.C. Chapter was presented with a Chapter Award of Merit during the Society’s business meeting.

On December 6th the Chapter held its Annual Awards Banquet at Kelly’s Ellis Island Inn.  There were 36 members and guests on hand to cheer for the award recipients and retired officers.  The chapter was able to help the Richmond ASPE chapter’s fund raising efforts by donating $100 to their annual Children’s Hospital fund drive.

As of January 2001 the Chapter membership stood at 197 with 23 applications pending.

On February 16, 2001 a special technical/demonstration seminar was offered to the members of the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Chapters by AMES, Inc., one of the chapter’s strongest supporting affiliate members.  Two 3 and ½ hour training sessions were offered on pumping equipment and enabled attending engineers to earn REU’s for recertification of their CPD designations.  On February 23 the Chapter sponsored a tour of Bergmann’s Laundry facilities and the engineers who attended were given a first class tour of the behind the scene operations.  It was interesting that this facility is the area’s second largest water consumer behind the Pentagon.

The May General Meeting was the time for the chapter elections.  The new Board of Director’s had a very similar look to the old Board with only one new member.

On July 9th the Annual Golf Outing was held at Holly Hills Country Club, our usual venue.  As always Dick Whyte organized ideal weather and beautiful course condition for our bunch of hackers.

In September 2001 the Chapter announced the awarding of an Alfred Steele Engineering Scholarship to one of our Chapter’s student members, Sean P. Jankiewicz.  Sean was a Fire Protection Engineering student at the University of Maryland at the time of the award.

In October several Board of Directors and other chapter members traveled to St. Louis for the 2001 Technical Symposium.  Society did an outstanding job with the technical sessions that were offered and everyone in attendance came away impressed.

The Chapter held its Annual Awards Social at Kelly’s Ellis Island Inn on December 5, 2001.  The event was attended by 30 members and guests and the food and festivities were well worth the effort.

The Chapter membership stood at 202 as of January 2002.  The Chapter has a large percentage of the Society’s student membership and due to the fact that most of our student members are Fire Protection Engineering students there is not a high number of student membership renewals once these young engineers graduate.  After the final purging of memberships that were not renewed the Chapter membership dropped to 188.

The Chapter held a CIPE/CPD review class on April 6, 2002.  The six class attendees were thoroughly educated (or was it confused?) by our Chapter President, Dave Bailey.  Dave has done a remarkable job donating his time and efforts to teaching this review course for the exam for longer than we should expect him to.  The Chapter is very grateful for members like Dave who are willing to volunteer so much for their Society.

The Chapter held its biennial Product Show on June 6, 2002 at the Rosecroft Raceway.  The Show was chaired by Steve Mayer and Kathleen Fox, and although turnout was less than hoped for it was a first class turnout by our Affiliate members.  The booths were very well stocked with all of the latest innovative plumbing technology.

On July 8th the Chapter again went out to the Holly Hills Country Club for our Annual Golf Outing.  Chairmen Dick Whyte and Cleve Vetter picked a wonderful day for the event with temperatures in the 90's and the golf course in great condition.

The May General Meeting was the time for the chapter elections.  The new Board of Director’s included a new President as Dave Bailey stepped down and John Puchala was elected.

In September 2002 the new Board of Directors decided it was time to move the General Meetings back to the Virginia side of the Potomac.  Meetings were held at the Tyson’s Corner Olive Garden restaurant.  Attendance at the meeting was buoyed by the attendance of certain Virginia members who are reluctant to cross the Potomac, as well as a strong showing of the “regular” attendees.

In October the Chapter sent six delegates out to the ASPE Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.  Bay Associates again sponsored a trip for 30 local engineers to attend parts of the Convention and Product Show.  Once again hats off to Don Greenawalt and Bay Associates for their strong support of ASPE and the Washington, D.C. Chapter.  The Society put together an outstanding Product Expo and the technical sessions were very informative.   The Washington, D.C. Chapter was presented with a Chapter Award of Merit during the Society’s business meeting.

The Chapter’s Annual Awards Social was held at Squire Rockwell’s in Fairfax, Virginia.  The weather was not cooperative and with an ice storm that day the turnout was less than hoped for, but very cozy.

On March 21, 2003 the Chapter arranged for another tour of John J. Kirlin’s Fabricating Shop.  The tour was amazing and the turnout for this event was more than double the attendance at last year’s tour.

The May General Meeting was the Chapter’s election night and the newly elected officers were almost all previous officers, with one exception.

On July 7th the Annual Golf Outing was held at Holly Hills Country Club, in Ijamsville Maryland.  As always Dick Whyte and Cleve Vetter organized a wonderful outing.  The weather cooperated for about 12 holes and the Mother Nature opened up the skies and deluged our faithful golfers.  No one was able to complete the round because of the rain, but prizes were still awarded.   

The first General Meeting of the 2003-2004 year was held at JR’s Stockyards, in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.  The meeting location had to be changed at the last minute due to renovations at the Olive Garden, our previous meeting place.  Attendance at the first meeting was understandably low because of the late change, but the food and atmosphere were wonderful.                                                                                                      

In October several Board of Directors and other chapter members traveled to San Antonio, Texas for the 2003 Technical Symposium.  The technical sessions that were offered were extremely informative and all attendees enjoyed the city, in particular the Riverwalk.

The Annual Awards Social Was scheduled for December but the weather again caused havoc with our plans and the event was cancelled.  The Board decided to postpone the awards until the Chapter’s 35th Anniversary celebration.

The Chapter did celebrate its 35th Anniversary on March 13, 2004 at the P. B. Dye Golf Course and Country Club.  The Society’s Executive Director, Stan Wolfson, was present to present a Certificate of Achievement to current President John Puchala.  The Chapter honored all of it’s Past-Presidents with a specially engraved letter opener noting their terms of service.  The Chapter and our affiliate members provided an abundance of door prizes and the evening was very enjoyable for everyone.

As of April 2004 the Chapter membership stood at 155 with 8 applications pending disposition by Society.

In April David Bailey again taught a CPD review class to prepare candidates for the CPD exam offered at the end of April.  At the May General Meeting nearly all of the existing Board of Directors were reelected to another term in office, with David Bailey stepping up to volunteer as VP Legislative.

The Region 1 meeting was held in Providence, Rhode Island and the Chapter was ably represented by John Puchala and Mark Wilson.  The Boston Chapter did a wonderful job hosting the Regional Meeting.

On July 19th the Annual Golf Outing was held at Holly Hills Country Club, our usual venue.  Dick Whyte and Bob Gladden handled the arrangements and were able to deliver ideal weather and beautiful course condition for our intrepid bunch.

The Chapter sponsored a fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay in August.  The lucky people who were able to attend were treated to a grand day on the water and some good fishing (if not catching!).


On August 19, 2004 the Frank Smith Memorial Golf Outing was held to raise funds for his daughter’s college fund. Frank was a long term chapter member who suddenly passed away last year.

The chapter meetings kicked off at JR’s Stockyards in September with Fred Reidenbach talking about “Pure Water Systems Designs”. The October meeting featured our very own Mark Wilson presenting on “Natural Gas Systems Design”.

The 2004 Convention & Exposition was in Cleveland and the chapter again took 6 delegates. Bay Associates hosted a group of local engineers on a two day trip to see the Product Exposition. The Exposition was outstanding and the city of Cleveland was a wonderful host as the delegates came back very impressed with the Rock & Roll Museum.

The November chapter meeting featured George Davis, Beacon/Medas Medical Products, talking about medical gas system components.

In November 2004 a chapter affiliate, Ames, Inc. hosted a technical symposium at the office that covered booster pump as well as sump & sewage pump sizing and design. The symposium was well attended and attendees were credited with 6 REUs.

The 2004 Awards Social was a brunch cruise on the Potomac River aboard the Odyssey. The event was held December 4, 2004 and featured a jazz trio, dancing, as well as brunch and awards.

The January chapter meeting tech session was on kitchen waste system design by Brian Montieth from Proceptor. The February meeting had Stewart Hammond, Symmons, talking about hot water temperature control. The March speaker was another chapter Past-President, Donald Keith speaking on corrosive sanitary waste and vent design.

The 2005-2006 Board of Directors was voted in at the May meeting. The officers were: President John Puchala; VP Technical Mark Wilson; VP Legislative David Bailey; VP Membership Gareth Koogle; Treasurer Ned Dwyer; Administrative Secretary Rick Budd; and Corresponding Secretary Bonnie Cary.

In September 2005 the chapter lost their Corresponding Secretary and web site designer as Bonnie Cary returned to her roots in the upstate New York area. She was missed by all as the newsletters and web site had trouble for almost a year before things got back on track.

The 2006-2007 Board of Directors was voted in at the May meeting. The officers were: President Mark Wilson; VP Technical Jeff Knighton; VP Legislative James Yang; VP Membership Rick Budd; Treasurer Gareth Koogle; Administrative Secretary Derek Wilson; and Corresponding Secretary Justin Lego.

The Region 1 meeting was hosted by the New Jersey Chapter in June 2006 and was attended by John Puchala and Mark Wilson.

On July 20, 2006 the chapter participated in an 8 hour LEED-NC technical review seminar hosted by the James River chapter of the Green Building Council.

The chapter had the annual fishing trip on June 9, 2006. The lucky anglers caught the boat limit of 20 keepers by 2 PM, and everyone on board had a great time.

The 2006 Golf Outing was held on July 20 th in the blazing sun at Holly Hills Country Club. There were 110 golfers present and despite losing golf balls in the rough and weight in the hot sun, everyone enjoyed themselves.

In September 2006 we switched our meeting location back to the Olive Garden, in Tyson’s Corner. Later that month David Bailey taught a free CPD review seminar to anyone in the chapter who would be taking the exam at the Convention.

The October 2006 meeting technical session was on water softeners and water treatment, with Greg Ositko as our guest speaker. The chapter membership stood at 163 going into the Convention.

The 2006 Convention & Product Exposition was held during October in Tampa, Florida. We sent 6 delegates to the Convention and the all enjoyed the Product Exposition, which had over 400 booths.

We decided to hold the 2006 Awards Social on the cruise boat “The Odyssey” again. The event was held December 2, 2006 and featured a jazz trio, dancing, as well as brunch and awards.

The January meeting featured a technical session by Mark Franklin, speaking about medical gas design.

Engineer’s Week 2007 was highlighted by a luncheon at the Pier 7 restaurant on the waterfront.

On March 9, 2007 the Joyce Agency hosted an 8 hour technical seminar on Syphonic Roof Drainage and Rainwater Harvesting. The cost of the seminar was only a $10 donation to the Washington, D.C. chapter of ASPE.

The March technical session was led by Dr. Milke, from the University of Maryland’s Fire Protection Engineering School, with a basic primer for plumbing engineers doing fire protection design. The meeting was well attended with 47 people present.

In May 2007 the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) adopted the 2006 IPC model code, with some amendments.

The 2007-2008 Board of Directors was voted in at the May meeting. The officers are: President James Yang; VP Technical Juan Rojas; VP Legislative Ron Ball; VP Membership Dan Galloway; Treasurer Gareth Koogle; VP Education/Administrative Secretary Derek Wilson; and Corresponding Secretary Shawn Gerst.

The 2007 Golf Outing was held in July at Holly Hills Country Club. The attendance was down from past years, but the people that attended had a great time, despite the heat.

The September technical speaker was Camille Rubeiz, and the topic was plumbing with PEX piping. The first meeting of the year was very well attended with 51 people present.

The October meeting featured a chapter member and local code reviewer, Dennis McNaughton of Fairfax County Plan Review. The technical session was an inside look at the different aspects of code enforcement. The November meeting featured Paul Gavin talking about acid waste neutralization and high purity water systems.

The 2007 Awards Social was held at the Rams Head Tavern, in Savage, Maryland. The social was a very enjoyable experience and plaques were given to past board officers as well as committee chairmen.

The January tech session had a very interesting talk by Dave Mohile about the verification of medical gas piping installations and the recent changes to NFPA 99. The February 2008 tech session was from Maurice Jones, City of Alexandria Fire Protection Engineer. Mr. Jones talked about sprinkler system requirements, hose valve locations and fire department connections.

In March 2008 David Bailey taught two different CPD review courses. The first class was at Loring Engineers, in the district, and the second was at Allen & Shariff, in Columbia, Maryland.

The March technical speaker was David Thomas, Fairfax County Fire Marshal’s office, speaking on how plumbing engineers can provide proper information for sprinkler system design and permitting.

On April 24, 2008 Ames, Inc. once again hosted an 8 hour technical seminar that covered booster pump systems, rainwater re-use systems, water softeners, and sump and sewage pump systems.

The 2008-2009 Board of Directors was voted in at the May meeting. The officers are: President Juan Rojas; VP Technical Matt Lane; VP Legislative Ron Ball; VP Membership Derek Wilson; Treasurer Gareth Koogle; VP Education/Administrative Secretary Dennis Cavallaro; and Corresponding Secretary/Newsletter Editor Chris Barnard.

In September 2008 the Board of Directors decided to hold the Golf Outing at the West Winds Golf Club, ending 20 years association with the Holly Hills Country Club. The membership indicated an interest in holding the outing in September to avoid the heat of July. The new location at West Winds drew 80 golfers and everyone had a great time.

The September technical session was a discussion on dry valves and preaction systems from Steve Welsh. The October meeting had Erin Shaffer, from The Green Building Initiative (GBI), talking about the GBI and what they offer compared to other “green” design recommendations.

The 2008 Convention and Product Exposition was held in Long Beach, California. The chapter sent 6 delegates to the Convention and we think that they all performed their duties as delegates (avoiding the siren of the California beaches!).

The November technical session was on fire pump design and was featuring another appearance of Maurice Jones, Alexandria City Fire Marshal. Derek Wilson announced that the chapter membership was up to 181.

The Annual Awards Social was held at Phillips Seafood Restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland. The change of venue was enjoyed by all and was well attended.




Norman Schrank 1968-1970

Robert R. Manfredi, P.E. 1970-1971

Cleveland B. Vetter, CET, CIPE 1971-1972

Donald G. Carter, P.E. 1972-1974

George C. Schoonover, CET, CIPE May 1974 – November 1974

Gary Markow November 1974 – 1975

Walter J. Richardson, Jr., CIPE 1975-1977

Cleveland B. Vetter, CET, CIPE 1977-1979

Alex Csiszar, CIPE 1979-1980

Robert S. Townsend 1980-1981

Clarence Kirker, CIPE 1981-1983

Melvin A. Gorton, CIPE 1983-1985

David A. Sealine, CIPE 1985-1987

Elizabeth Bunn, CIPE 1987-1989

Frank Murphy, Jr., P.E. 1989-1991

Lance C. Barland, CIPE 1991-1993

Robert H. Evans, Jr., CPD, LEED AP 1993-1995

Ronald L. Payne, CIPE 1995-1997

Donald Keith, CPD 1997-1999

David Bailey, CPD 1999-2002

John Puchala, CIPE 2002-2005

Mark Wilson, CIPE 2005-2007

James Yang, CPD 2007-2008

Juan Rojas, 2009-2010

Matt Lane, 2011-2012


Present DC Chapter Historian - Bob Evans